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HANDS ON Traditional Crafts at The City of the Dead in Cairo
Tomb of Mankalibugha al-Fakhri (unlisted), mid-14th century A.D./ 8th century A.H.

The brick-and-stone built tomb is unusual in Cairo for being not a square domed mausoleum, but an iwan (a hall with no front wall opening onto a courtyard) covered with a pointed barrel vault. It is flanked by two lower iwans opening on the central one. The central iwan once faced a courtyard, which it is now mostly built-up. Inside, there is a band of monumental Qur’anic inscription painted on plaster, and a much-damaged 16th century tabut (tomb-marker). The tomb, which was in precarious structural condition and in imminent danger of collapse, was conserved by ARCHiNOS Architecture in 2019 with funding from the Antiquities Endowment Fund of the American Research Center in Egypt. 

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