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HANDS ON Traditional Crafts at The City of the Dead in Cairo
Tomb of Anas (No.157), A.D.1382 / 784 A.H.

The tomb stands in the garden at the back of the complex of Sultan Farag Ibn Barquq. To reach it one enters through the gate in the iron fence to the left of the entrance to that mosque and proceeds along the façade (noticing the impressively large size of the stone masonry blocks!) to the back.


Anas, father of Sultan Barquq is buried here. When Barquq, then the Commander of The Armies and not yet sultan, brought his family to Cairo from the Caucasus, other amirs reproved Anas for addressing his son just by his name, and not as required by protocol. Anas was so incensed that he threatened to go back to his village. Barquq managed to placate him however, so he stayed and eventually died in Cairo.


Sultan Barquq himself is buried under the northern dome in the complex built by his son Farag.


The tomb was originally attached to the khanqa, or Sufi convent, built by the amir Yunis al-Dawadar, of which nothing except the tomb now remains. Yunis intended the tomb for his own interment, but when it was given to Anas, he erected another mausoleum in Cairo and was buried there. 

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